BabyHawk Mei Tei… “Mei” New Favourite Baby Carrier!

When I look back to my previous post on Baby Wearing, I see that there is one glaring omission–I never reviewed a “mei tei” carrier. This is a Chinese-inspired baby carrier which can directly translated into “carrying strap”. Thankfully, through my affiliation with Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA Media), I had the opportunity to evaluate the award winning BabyHawk mei tei carrier, and boy, am I glad that I did!

When I received the baby carrier in the mail, I was instantly impressed with the beautiful aesthetic of the carrier. With cherry-coloured straps and a sparkly print design, I was excited to know that I would be carrying Leah in style. It’s solid construction and high-quality fabric makes it feel reliable, sturdy and strong. With wide, padded straps and an all-important waist strap I could tell it would easy handle a weighty toddler while still keeping the wearer comfortable. An added benefit of the BabyHawk mei tei is that it is reversible, so those self-conscious spouses can wear it backwards for a simpler non-feminine look.

My friend Andrea with her husband, and her son Cole in the BabyHawk

Unlike some of the other carriers I had tried, it didn’t take an instruction manual or even a video to get started with this carrier.  Using the Baby Hawk mei tei carrier is incredibly intuitive and easy. Funny story–when I opened up the package, my mother-in-law took one look at it and immediately knew how to put it on. Instantly recognizing it as  “mei tei” carrier that she had used with her own kids, she tied a few knots and had it on before I could even open up the instruction booklet. When it was my turn, I realized it was just simple and easy as she made it look.

Now that Leah is 14 months old and an active walking toddler, I was a bit reluctant to trap her active and spirited personality in a carrier. The amazing thing is that as soon as I bundled her into the BabyHawk, she settled in and loved every moment. In the past, she disliked inward facing positions when I put her in other carriers and insisted on being able to look outwards at the world around her. But with the design of the BabyHawk, she could easily take in the sights around her and handled the inward facing position with no complaints. We even tried the back carry and after she had a chance to adjust to this new position, she seemed to really enjoy it too.

In terms of portability, the BabyHawk strikes a nice balance between the larger carriers out there and the smaller, compact sling. Even though takes up a bit more space in the diaper bag, with a few strategic folds the straps tuck in nicely and the carrier wraps right up. I also didn’t try the BabyHawk with a newborn but the structure of the carrier and the built in headrest assures me that it would be ideal for even the early months. Perhaps I’ll have a chance to try it in a few years :) For now, the BabyHawk mei tei is “mei” new favourite baby carrier!

To learn more about this PTPA winner, check out this link.

To learn more about BabyHawk baby carriers, check out this link.

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